Lyceum Associates

Lyceum Associates, Inc. is a member-driven information and networking service founded in 2005. We develop and manage trusted information networks that connect a broad range of stakeholders on topics of industry transition and business innovation.

Our roundtables and events generate practical ideas and address specific business needs, where financial, corporate and industry leaders interact as equal participants.

We call our innovative, online community-building GatherSmart®.

Lyceum members gain uncommon access to strategic debate on emerging issues in high-impact industries, and the networking opportunities that arise from this. Many are entrepreneurs and chief executives. Most drive dynamic business innovation.

They collaborate on topics and contribute to published commentary, which also features our own provocative analysis.

Lyceum’s discussions lie at the intersection of three industry categories:
  • Health Care
  • Financial Systems and Institutions
  • Consumer Business
and four areas of fundamental transition:
  • Price
  • Legislation
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Global Balance
We also consider the economic landscape as an underlay, by addressing risk patterns, legislative action and global competition.

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